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Marcom & PR for the Irish Tech and Pharma Sectors

"56% of those surveyed in the tech/internet space believe journalists are a key influence in their sector."
(Source: Cision/PRWeek 2023 Global Comms Report)

At Curzon, identifying your story and who to tell it to is what we specialise in.  From start ups putting their first case for funding to potential investors, to reporting company milestones, to new product tapeout, pre-release and launch, to key new hires -  Curzon will draw up core lists of target writers and influencers in your key industry media, and then shape your story so it will be compelling for their readership - and your market.

Curzon Associates has provided PR advice and implemented marcom programmes behind some of Ireland's biggest tech success stories including DecaWave, Ci3, Eiratech Robotics, COREX Logistics, Macalla Software, Massana, and ESB International among many others.

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We use your company milestones to tell your story and build your industry profile in your important media.   This simple storytelling consistently delivered to key industry influencers and editors and their audiences will develop your profile as an industry leader and opinion former over time.  

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“They did a really good job of staying relevant and selling their story to private backers during the period before they could get institutional investors to back them..."    (John Flynn, Act Venture Capital interviewed in the Irish Times about DecaWave, Ireland's biggest ever tech exit).
Curzon Associates develops and manages marketing communications plans and PR strategies for technology firms based in Ireland.  Client companies for Curzon have included some of the leading IT companies and startups operating in Ireland, in technology sectors such as: robotics, fintech, warehousing and logitics, fabless semiconductors, rtls, indoor location technology, trading room technology and many more.  Client companies have included Eiratech Robotics, DecaWave, COREX Logistics, 3Com, Ci3/SWORD, Macalla Software, Massana, Performix Technologies, CSK Software/Slingshot,, ESBI, Unisoft IT,, Electric Mail.
Curzon Associates operates as a consultancy model, and is based in Dublin, Ireland.


Services include: 
- digital footprint;                                                                                          
- PESO strategising
- strategic planning and messaging;
- media relations;
- press releases;
- media point of contact;
- seo
- newswire releases;
- social media;
- drafting features;
-  newsletters;
- case studies

International PR support:

- identifying key overseas trade and vertical media;
- managing newswire releases;
- outside agency liaison;
- trade show support.

about dave rusk

Dave Rusk, BA (Hons), Dip A. Adm., is a senior level communications specialist with extensive PR and media relations experience in the B2B and tech sector in a range of markets, including: robotics, logistics, clinical trial logistics, semiconductors, IoT, indoor location, UWB, fintech/regtech, banking & trading room technology.  

David also has extensive experience in the FMCG, public sector, charity/NGO, sports and arts sectors, specialising in developing, managing and executing focused marketing communications plans and PR strategies.

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