Authentic Content Is the Key to Good PR

Creating a reputation for consistent authenticity is a key long-term communications goal which delivers credibility, influence and integrity.

When putting a PR programme together, firms often ask themselves the same question: where will the content for all this ‘authentic’ marketing communications activity come from? The answer should always the same: it will come from the day-to-day activities of your company, whether that is product developments or business-related events or company milestones.

These can be tape outs, beta releases, new partnerships, funding announcements, new hires – as these occur in the natural course of events, so your firm’s ‘story’ also grows. But using real life events to build your story like this also allows you to develop a much sought after communications characteristic: authenticity.

Using source material like this, authentic content can only grow to genuinely reflect the values, personality, and ‘voice of a brand’ which will resonate with your target audience. It's content that is real, honest, and transparent.

Because it is built on real life business and product achievements and milestones, authentic content will:

  1. Define and Reflect Your Brand Values, aligning with the core beliefs, mission, and vision of the brand, authentic content and storytelling communicates what the brand stands for without being forced or contrived.
  2. Tell Real Stories: Authentic content is based on real stories and experiences, whether from customers, employees, or the brand itself. As a result, these stories are genuine and relatable, creating connections with the audience.
  3. Engage Honestly: It engages with the audience in an honest and transparent manner. Authentic content doesn't try to deceive or manipulate; instead, it aims to inform, entertain, or inspire.
  4. Be Consistent: Because it is drawn from real life experiences, authentic content is consistent with the brand's identity across all channels and touchpoints. Whether it's social media posts, blog articles, videos, or advertisements, the content will maintain a coherent voice and message.
  5. Respect for the Audience: Because it is based on real achievements and genuine expertise and experiences, authentic content respects and engages with the intelligence and preferences of the audience. Authentic content doesn't resort to gimmicks or tricks or empty AI-generated content to grab attention; instead, it offers value in return for the audience's time and attention.

Overall, authentic content is not just about marketing; it's about building genuine connections with your important audiences - customers, prospects, partners, investors, govt agencies, skills pool, employees - which ultimately leads to business success. Building your PR story around company achievements and milestones over time will ensure your story touches and  resonates with them all. 

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