PR Tip #1: Get to Know Your Vertical Media

Vertical media refers to a type of media content or publication that focuses on a specific industry or niche, often organized ‘vertically’ ie within a particular sector or subject area. Unlike ‘horizontal’ media, which covers a wide range of topics, vertical media delves deeply into a specific topic or ‘industry vertical’. This closely focused approach allows for more targeted content and appeals to a more specialized audience as a result.

Vertical media can encompass various formats, including online publications, blogs, podcasts, newsletters, and social media channels, among others. These platforms provide in-depth coverage, analysis, and insights relevant to professionals, enthusiasts, and stakeholders within the particular industry they cover. As a result of their specialisation and focus, vertical media outlets are regarded as authoritative sources of information within their respective fields, offering valuable content tailored to their audience's interests and needs.

As a result, vertical media plays a vital role, particularly for tech start-ups and SMEs:

Specialized Content: Vertical media outlets offer specialized content tailored to specific industries or niches. This focused approach allows them to provide in-depth coverage, analysis, and insights that may not be available in mainstream or horizontal media. For tech firms, this means they will be conversing with writers familiar with their markets and technology, and this can lead to a better conversation. And the resulting specialized content is highly valued by professionals, enthusiasts, and stakeholders within the industry.

Authority and Credibility: By focusing exclusively on a particular industry or niche, vertical media outlets can establish themselves as authoritative sources of information within their field. This credibility attracts both readers and industry insiders seeking reliable and trustworthy information.

Promotion of Innovation: Vertical media outlets play a role in promoting innovation within their industries by highlighting new developments, trends, and emerging technologies. By showcasing innovative ideas and practices, they contribute to the advancement and growth of their respective fields.

Audience Targeting: Another advantage of vertical media is that it targets specific audiences with a deep interest in the subject matter covered – your prospects among them. This allows advertisers and marketers to reach a highly targeted audience, making vertical media platforms attractive for advertising and sponsorship opportunities.

Networking and Community Building: Vertical media platforms often serve as hubs for networking and community building within their respective industries. They provide forums for professionals, enthusiasts, and stakeholders to connect, share ideas, and engage in discussions related to their field of interest.

Every tech and specialised B2B PR campaign should start here: identifying and engaging with their vertical media. Mostly, this will consist of a small number of key writers and editors, but the rewards and credibility any resulting coverage brings repays the effort many times over. For tech start-ups and SMEs in particular, there really is no substitute.

If you wish to identify and engage with your vertical media, please feel free to contact me here and we can look at your options.