Project Your Startup Vision from ‘Idea’ into ‘Reality’

For tech startups, projecting their solutions as real-life business problem-solvers can be a huge challenge.

Every tech start up comes to the market with its own unique business and technology approach. For most, their “product” is as-yet untested in the market, often only part of the way to development, and usually requiring both significant further investment and market validation.

So how to avoid dismissal as Powerpoint-ware, or brochure-ware?

A tried and trusted method is by projecting their solution through trade media.   Trade media has  authority in their chosen market, is usually written and edited by acknowledged authorities in their specialised field, and has a qualified audience – your prospective market.  So for a start up,  their reporting carries significant weight. Additionally, their expertise is made more authoritative by an understanding of the wider market the solution seeks to address, their ability to ask the right questions, and to contextualise and articulate the solution in question.

In short, they can crystalise your offering, and place in the context of a real life market environment. They can bring it to life.

This has been the case for every company I ever worked for – from Macalla Software’s mobile data solution, to DecaWave’s game changing UWB indoor location revolution, to Eiratech’s accessible warehouse automation and robotics solution. All of these were theoretical solutions to industry pinch points before ever they were saleable products with reference customers, but they became living, breathing products in the columns of acknowledged industry titles like Finextra, EETimes and Logistics Manager. And this made them “real” for investors, customers, skills pool, and industry analysts alike.

It is also worth remembering the importance accorded to trade magazines to C-Level execs in their purchase decision – for many, their product search starts with news articles in trade papers, even ahead of referrals form colleagues - or even their boss.

These are compelling reasons any aspiring tech firm should focus on communicating with their trade media from the earliest opportunity. Once you have a story to tell and a milestone to communicate, you should research your influential media and get in touch – whether by judicious press release, or through features and opinion pieces. On their pages, in the company of its competitors and partners, your product will come to life.

For help in identifying and reaching out to your trade media, please email me here and take the first steps.